Topics: Over a 6 week period, we cover all you need to know about Ableton Live; audio recording, editing, and mixing; analog and digital synthesis; creative coding; and composing and performing original music. We cover pop, hip-hop, electronic and experimental music production styles. Each session is 3 hours in duration. We meet in-person once every week and work as a group. You’ll have access to Live 10 and a Push 2 controller in-class.

Prerequisites: No music background is required to enroll in any of our courses but every interested party must complete a phone interview to secure a seat. Headphones and laptop are required to enroll in the course

Classes begin on Saturday mornings at 10am and run until 1pm. Each session is 3 hours in duration

Dr Ken Wendt will be your instructor for Summer 2019 | July 13 through August 10th