12V Eurorack PSU


Ultra low noise power supply

  • Output voltage: +12V, -12V
  • Output current: 2.5A
* Does not include 5V rail

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A best in class 4.5A Power Supply System with built in Noise Filtering Distribution board, provides an extremely quiet case power supply solution for any Eurorack system.
The completely shielded power supply provides up to 40W at the output, while producing very little additional heat to your system. It is safe, clean, and also very quiet. This power supply is capable of powering both small and large Eurorack systems.
On board capacitive filtering ensures that even the most demanding modules are supplied with safe, clean power.


  • Advanced low-noise, fully regulated voltage converters on each rail.
  • Over-current protection, over-heat protection and short-circuit protection.
  • The most extensive noise filtering on the market: Noise filtering is included with capacitors between every pair of outputs. This helps to minimize both power line noise and module to module noise.
  • Twelve 16-pin universal direction Eurorack power connections.
  • Protective aluminium heat sinking cover place over the converters.
  • Sixteen individual mounting holes; ensures that the unit can be fixed securely in any Eurorack system.
  • Fits within any 84HP case or larger.


  • FCC, CE and RoHS Certified
  • Dimensions: 15.748” x 1.5748” (40 x 4cm)
  • Output current: +12V@1250mA, -12V@1250mA
  • Line regulation: +/- 0.5% (max)
  • Load regulation: +/- 1.0% (max)
  • Ripple and noise: 100mVp-p (max) 30mVp-p (typical)
  • Efficiency: 88% (typical)
  • Isolation Voltage: 1,500 Vdc
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 105°C
  • Accepts wide range of input voltages: 12Vdc – 36Vdc
12-19V 60W center-positive Vdc power brick not included.

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