The Delta Sound Labs team provide the following services and packages in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. For more information, including examples of previous work and rates and package pricing, please send an email to

Loudspeaker Array Design and Bespoke Spatial Audio Software

Delta Sound Labs partners with other companies to design and install loudspeaker array for any creative space. Our systems support the immediate mapping of mono, stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 formats, and 3d audio playback, including ambisonic (B-Format and HOA formats). Our bespoke desktop audio software is designed to network directly with motion capture systems to allow users to construct sonic scenes with physical gestures. Our audio playback solution will also allow for improved localization at loudspeaker locations through our hybrid spatialization software that combines soundfield and vector based approaches to audio point source placement.


Location Recording Services and MoCap Audio Scene Creation

Delta Sound Labs team members are also available for hire to assist in the capture and playback of audio and lighting cues for creative productions on set. Examples of such services include the recording of 3d audio recordings for playback after capture and the composition of interactive 3d sound scenes for motion capture productions, where sound objects are mapped to the placement of motion capture markers.

Live Performance Systems Design for Musicians and Artists

We can design interactive performance systems that exploit any user input in order to determine real-time processing of an audio source. Input devices or gestures can vary from tactile controllers to physical gestures captured by camera systems, which may be mapped to allow any performer to have additional bodily control over their unfolding creative content. These live performance systems are also ideal tools for studio recording environments.


Original Music Scores and Sound Design for Film and Games

Our team provide original music for film and gaming projects in any style of genre for any application. We also specialize in procedural audio effects plugins for Unity.

Loudspeaker Array Design for Location-Based Entertainment

The aforementioned audio playback system is extensible to any location-based entertainment project. We can design any loudspeaker configuration and provide a software solution for the playback of audio stems relative to pre-programmed cues or interactive user input.


Lighting Applications for Motion and Film Capture Studios

We provide custom applications to provide more effective control of lighting panel systems typically installed in motion capture and film spaces. Rather than having to control each light panel individually via a general-purpose lighting application, our applications are purpose built with understanding of the geometry and light panel positions in a motion capture studio, allowing for more meaningful lighting control. Users will be able to intuitively position and size virtual light sources in the room and the application will take care of spreading light sources over multiple light panels as appropriate. Our applications will also allow the virtual light sources to be tied to the position of a trackable motion capture marker so that the light source will follow the position of a marker. The UI will also available as a mobile application that can run on an iPad so that the room lights can be controlled while walking around in the space.


Creative Coding and Music Production Workshops

Our team run creative coding and music production workshops for K-12 through higher education. Check out our previous events on our blog and on our events page.

Max for Live Plugins

Our team also design custom Max for Live plugins. Got an idea for a device? We can build it for you. Drop us an email at and we can add you to our beta tester program for VST and Max for Live devices. Currently looking for testers for a M4L pitch follower device for macOS and Windows.