Stream Artist Preset Feature: Bill Van Loo


Bill Van Loo’s music is rooted in several traditions, namely Detroit techno and the dub reggae-inflected sound of Berlin artists such as Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound. These sounds are deep, danceable, powerful,  and melancholy, in equal turns. He also creates moving ambient sound sculptures, building layers upon layers of delicate sounds that soar, tremble, and sustain, taking shape as instrumentation, live sampling, audio processing, synthesis, and field recordings merge.

>> Download Bill Van Loo Stream Presets.


2 thoughts on “Stream Artist Preset Feature: Bill Van Loo

  1. Eric Schurig

    I own Stream and would love to try out the Bill Van Loo presets but when I click on the download button it just goes back to the product page and there are no presets. Is it possible to download from somewhere? Thanks!

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